Phobic anxiety disorders


specific phobia: An anxiety disorder characterized by an intense, irrational fear cued by the presence or anticipation of a specific object or situation. Exposure to the phobic stimulus immediately provokes an anxiety response. In adults, the specific phobia is recognized as excessive or unreasonable.

Data source
FinnGen phenocode F5_PHOBANX
Hospital Discharge registry ICD-10: F40, ICD-9: 3002D/3002C, ICD-8: 3002
Cause of Death registry ICD-10: F40, ICD-9: 3002C/3002D, ICD-8: 3002
Level in the ICD-hierarchy 4
First defined in version DF2
DOID 599
GWAS catalog 1001918
MESH C562465
SNOMED CT 54587008

Key figures

Sex All Female Male
Number of individuals 1168 717 451
Unadjusted prevalence (%) 0.88 0.95 0.79
Mean age at first event (years) 34.81 34.96 34.59
Median number of events / individual 1 1 1

Clinical metrics

Sex All Female Male
Recurrence within 6 months (%) 39.73 39.05 40.8
Case fatality at 5-years (%) 1.11 0.98 1.33